State Bureau of Investigation summoned Poroshenko for questioning

State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine summoned Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s 5th President, for questioning on July 25 for the second time.

On July 17, the State Bureau of Investigation summoned Poroshenko for questioning for the first time. Petro Poroshenko was summoned for questioning as a witness in a criminal proceeding over alleged tax evasion on the sale of shares of the company “Kusnia na Rybalskomu” to oligarch Tyhypko. Poroshenko’s lawyer said that the president would not go for questioning before the early parliamentary election held on July 21.

Ex- president Petro Poroshenko came to the State Investigation Bureau and requested to conduct his interrogation today in connection with his extended vacation and not on July 25 as determined by the investigator.

This was reported by Roman Truba, Director of the State Bureau of Investigation

“I will not interfere in the course of the pre-trial investigation and tell the investigators when and who should be interrogated,” wrote Truba.

“I respect witnesses’ time: we were sympathetic to the workload of the ex-president during the election campaign. I hope that he will also understand the work of our investigators and come tomorrow for questioning,” he added.

Truba also stressed that Poroshenko’s lawyers had the opportunity to contact the investigator and directly agree on the date of the interrogation.

“You don’t need to come to the director of the SBI for this,” noted Truba.

According to the SBI, Poroshenko came to the State Bureau of Investigations, but the investigators did not know why.

It should be reminded that the SBI is investigating eight criminal proceedings involving Poroshenko. Earlier, the SBI conducted about 40 searches over the case of the purchase of property for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at inflated prices.


Source: hromadske


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