Бернард Генри Леви поддерживает Евромайдан

Место: Киев, Украина / 

Субтитры: АНГЛ

Бернард Генри Леви поддерживает Евромайдан.

On stage, a familiar face: Bernard-Henri Lévy. The French philosopher described the epicenter of protest against President Yanukovych.
“I did not see neo-Nazis, I have not heard of anti-Semitic, I heard on the contrary an incredibly determined and very deeply liberal incredibly mature movement.
I think the aim of this Ukrainian revolution is much more important and what I hear Maidan, is the desire to revitalize the European dream, to rediscover the content, give it a chair. When people say “Europe” here is not a vague word, it means citizenship, it means the rule of law, it means multiplication freedoms. The Europe that we too often lose the sense in the countries of Western Europe, it is regaining significance here on the Maidan”.

Credits to LEVY Bernard-Henri




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