Russian armored vehicles encircle Sevastopol streets in Crimea Ukraine

Date: February 26, 2014

Location: Sevastopol, Crimea Ukraine

Sevastopol, military vehicles drove to enhance protection of the Russian Fleet. Eyewitnesses saw an armored personnel carrier on Nakhimov square in the center of Sevastopol. It moved on Lenina street, and enter in the yard of cultural and business center “Moscow House” says correspondent of “Sevastopol news.”
According to the agency, military vehicles drove to enhance protection of the Russian Fleet based in the Black Sea, in particular, construction department, which is located on the Nakhimov Square. Official confirmation of this information has not been given, yet.
The other day at the entrance to Sevastopol (on the sidelines of the Yalta highway) the anti-urchins have been seen. As reported by “Sevastopol newspaper” in the patrol service, a measure was made against participation in carjackings.
February 23, after the power in Ukraine has actually passed to the opposition, thousand people went for the protest in Sevastopol. Participants of the meeting expressed their distrust to the city administration and by voting elected a new mayor – Russian businessman Alexei Chaly. The next day, appointed mayor Vladimir Yatsuba resigned, but the city administration has refused to recognize the new head of the city Chaly.
In response, local residents blocked the administration. February 24 was convened an extraordinary session of the City Council, which decided to create a new executive department – Sevastopol city administration, Chalyi was appointed the head of department.
Earlier, some Crimean deputies announced their intention to turn to Russia for protection in connection with the recent events in Ukraine. In Kiev, such initiatives are considered as manifestations of separatism. A number of Ukrainian politicians, in particular, nationalists have declared that they will severely punish any infringement of the territorial integrity of the country…

Credits to Крымский кризис

Important note: YouTube account which originally published this video was brutally killed by Russian intelligence services. We do hope that account owner is alive and OK.

This case proves that information warfare is one of the most crucial issues of the modern hybrid war initiated by Russia to not let the World know the truth about the real events. EMPR expresses gratitude to all the brave citizens who did and who continue capturing evidence of Russian invasion into Ukraine.

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