Russian servicemen uncover Putin’s lie on Crimea

Date: March 13, 2014

Location: Bakhchysarai, Crimea Ukraine

Russian servicemen uncover Putin’s lie on Crimea seizure by Russian armed forces.
In this conversation, the occupier confesses to be born and raised in Russian Siberia – see at 1 min 45 sec.
When the Crimean Tatar admits he has no other place to go from Crimea, the soldier ask: “What’s wrong with Siberia?”.

Credits to: Российско-Украинская война

Important note: YouTube account which originally published this video was brutally killed by Russian intelligence services. We do hope that account owner is alive and OK.

This case proves that information warfare is one of the most crucial issues of the modern hybrid war initiated by Russia to not let the World know the truth about the real events. EMPR expresses gratitude to all the brave citizens who did and who continue capturing evidence of Russian invasion into Ukraine.


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