Russian special operations force or SSO – who they are and what for?

Date: March 1, 2014

Location: Russia

In small wars, which have strict local boundaries, in particular, the conflicts in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria or Libya, special forces, in fact, are the main forces advance units that can operate completely autonomously and efficiently. Thus, currently special forces – is, in fact, a new, completely independent method of warfare.
Important to understand what is currently almost no state is involved in exploration in the conventional sense of the term. Today it is time to network-centric military conflicts, which essentially boils down to the fact that every unit that intends to enter into conflict with the enemy, it initially produces intelligence, and immediately after the detection of causes operational kick, using all available in the area or to achieve means.
The entire area is completely covered with fighting intelligence network , which includes all its forms , including radar , acoustic , electronic , visual . In this network, each unit is capable of finding the information that it needs , and then treat it in detail and to attack the enemy , destroying it . In that case, if the unit does not have enough forces and means are hit combat aircraft, artillery or any other means of destruction . That the use of such tactics special operations forces are one of the basic elements of warfare. Often units not only start a war , but also its complete , ie not only kill the enemy have at their disposal a weapon or improvised means , but use special subversive units that are part of the special forces , and which are subversive in enemy territory.
At the moment we are talking about how to collect all the special purpose units into a single unit, to create a common command, then create the education and training centers, which will be tested in new ways and methods of warfare. It is clear that commanders must deal not only with material support special forces, but also to develop new weapons and equipment.
In addition, for Command MTR is necessary to create your own airline and other transport departments to transport special forces in any corner of the world. Only in this case we can say that Russia will get new weapons, unique in its essence and efficiency with which will be able to solve a large number of issues and concerns that have been simply unavailable.

Credits to: Дмитрий Рогозин


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