Euromaidan demands resignation of Yanukovych cabinet

Date: February 16, 2014

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian activistrs in front of City hall in Kyiv announced an ultimatum to President Viktor Yanukovych’s regime. The main goal is to release all the hostages and takeof them all criminal charges.
Ukrainians announced an ultimatum to Yanukovych’s regime
“Glory to Ukraine!”
“Glory to Heroes!”
“Dear friends… Dear friends, maybe it’s hard to hear me because of the loudspeaker…please, a minute of attention… ”
“Give some space, please, move a bit…”
“Dear friends, straight away the Euromaidan forces take this building under the external control, and we proclaim an ultimatum to the regime. The countdown is now in minutes, maximum in hours; nobody will wait any longer, nobody will wait even till evening! If they did not carry out their part of the requirements, if they do not immediately announce the absolute and complete rehabilitation and abolition of any criminal proceedings for all the 2,000 criminal cases opened against the participants of peaceful actions, then we will go back inside. And we will go inside of other buildings, we will take over new ones! Because we see that they do not react to any legitimate actions! That’s why right now we are announcing an ultimatum and giving them no more than a few hours! No more than that! If they immediately don’t follow through with their part of the negotiated terms, we will back on our part of these terms, and go back inside of the Kyiv City Hall! ”
“This is right!”
“Right now, we are waiting for the last few hours; if our terms are not being acted upon, we go back inside! Glory to Ukraine!”
“Glory to Heroes!”
“Glory to the Nation!”
“Crook (the ex-con president Yanukovich), get out! Crook, GTFO! Crook, GTFO! Crook, GTFO! Crook, GTFO!”

Credits to Олександр Аронець

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