Euromaidan protesters are beaten by riot police

Date: November 30, 2013

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

November 30 morning Berkut forcibly dispersed people with Euromaidan downtown in Kyiv.

Protesters beaten with batons and kicked, dragged along the ground.

All activists ousted from Independence Square.

There is also information on the wounded and missing people. Soldiers of Berkut occupied the whole area around the stele of Independence.

It is surrounded by a metal fence.

Also KP ” Kievblagoustroystvo” sets at Euromaidan Christmas tree – writes LigaBusinessInform.

In social networks, reported that Berkut beat even girls and grandmothers, law enforcement officers arrested people as they shouted “Police with people!” and sang the national anthem of Ukraine.

With credits to Ежедневные Новости 


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