Pray For Ukraine movie official promo trailer HD

Date: June 11, 2014

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

…Our pain, our fear, our grasp of the present situation! Three difficult months of Euromaidan! Now we all need to understand what happened…
Ukrainian people united together at Kiev’s historic square called “Maidan Nezalezhnosti” (Independence Square) to voice their feelings and emotions against the Yanukovych regime. Immediately, many journalists – filmmakers joined them to capture the hard truth and shocking reality of this historical event. No one was thinking about their life, no one was thinking about the best shots, but each and every of them was thinking how to capture what’s happened and show it to the entire world. To show how unarmed students were brutally beaten, how the civilians who came out to this square were arrested and kidnaped, how the innocent were killed!

“Pray for Ukraine” movie united hearts, minds and souls of professional filmmakers from SPILNOBACHENNYA, UKRSTREAM.TV, SELENA Films, Channel 5, Radio Svoboda, SPN Production, ESPRESO.TV, TABOR Production, FX Production, Best Records Studio, Baker Street Studio, MAIDAN PRESS CENTER, Nichna Varta (Night Maidan Stage Team), EuromaidanPR as well as other individuals and amateurs, who throughout the period of Maidan movement recorded all the events via camera lens and captured violence, death and destruction under a fire of bullets.
All of us stood together on Euromaidan. Together we defended Euromaidan and Ukraine. Today, together we continue the MAIDAN movement by creating an unprecedented cultural monument in memory of the Heroes, and dedicating it to the entire Ukrainian Nation and the true story of Euromaidan.

We are offering to each and every person who was there, who fought for freedom and who wants to be a part of this cultural and historical project, to join our team. Only united, can we tell this true story and create this memorable film through the magic of cinema for the entire world to see. If you have any videos from the events that occurred on Euromaidan, if you wrote any songs, music or poetry dedicated to the Euromaidan and its people, please contact us and be a part of the media movement “PRAY FOR UKRAINE”.

Get involved in the project. The world should see these people, people that came out to the Euromaidan, and unite in the struggle and in prayer for Ukraine.


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