Riot police apprehend Euromaidan journalist

Date: January 22, 2014

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Marian Havryliv is a photographer from Lviv was captured by the riot police (Berkut) at Hrushevskogo street.
He was taking pictures, when Berkut started throw grenades. People began to fall, Berkut captured everybody they can dragging to their cars and beating people on the way.
When Marian got into Berkut’s car it was very crowded. They stripped to the waist, seized phones, but Mariana had hidden cell phone with which he informed his brother what happened. “Berkut tore directly on the body national dress vyshyvanka those who were dressed in it. My brother was just in it “- says Michael. (Markian brother)
Marian along with others were kept in the car for a long time. Then, according to Michael, came Lavrynenko KM temporary investigator who tried to palm off some stolen documents for signature.
After all the car went out of town. “Brother reported that a strong wind was heard but the noise of the city was gone. They stopped in the field, were taken away and beaten again. Half-naked people falling to the ground from the cold and exhaustion.
After that, the prisoners were taken to the police department Obolonskij in Kyiv. “From there, he called me for the last time. They took their personal belongings and clothes. Judging by the pictures made ​​by counsel, he was already in another jacket and all beaten. Police official statement that he was arrested, I have not seen”.

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