372 million American dollars wages paid by Russia to its forces in Ukraine

Date: Dec 17, 2017

Location: Occupied territory of Ukraine

372 million American dollars wages paid by Russia to its forces in Ukraine – Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Total of 35 500 Russian led soldiers in Ukraine. Reduced total from height of of fighting in 2014 – 2015. Total includes some regular Russian Army units.

Just a short time spent watching the 1,000s of videos here on YouTube & viewing the 10,000s of images posted on social media, and it’s plain to see there are 10,000s of Russian led soldiers in eastern Ukraine. Despite the constant promotion of their vast armies, both the so called Donetsk People’s (banana) Republic & its sister Luhansk People’s (banana) Republic refuse to say who pays their wages and supplies the vast amounts of weapons, uniforms, equipment, ammo etc.

Naturally the answer is Russia, or more precisely, Russian tax payers. So using mercenary wages stated openly by those fighting in Ukraine and recent total of 35,500 Russian led soldiers in Ukraine, we get a conservative Russian wage total of – 22,365,000,000 Russian Rubles, or eq of $372,750,000.

Link for full Russia 1 programme referenced in video.

Link for YouTube mercenary recruitment video referenced in video.

Such a videos breach YouTube’s user guidelines. Above one is nothing more than a terrorist recruitment video, which encourages people to illegally enter Ukraine and to scam crowd-funding companies with fake funding campaigns. On the plus side, Russell Bentley has been banned by both Go Fund Me & Indiegogo, the two companies he urges people to use.

Credits: Alex KingGlasnost Gone

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