Bomb explosion kills three civilian people in Kharkiv Ukraine (18+)

Date: February 22, 2015

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Many Ukrainian cities mourns today Euromaidan activists and Ukrainian soldiers who lost their lives over the last year. The city of Kharkiv was not exception this Sunday. But peaceful rally turned to the bloody tragedy there with at least 4 killed and more that 10 wounded citizens.

Vasil Ponomariov, EMPR contributor from Kharkiv was in 20 meters from the explosion site and became a witness of several deaths there. He confirms that the rally was passing smoothly and in an organized manner, but at some point a column was formed of young boys and girls who were handed a blue and yellow flag and for some reason began moving from the area where the action was taking place. He set off after the column. While the column was moving along the street between the building of Palace of Sport and the Zhukov metro station – to the left of the road there was a loud explosion. It was not a bag was thrown from a car, but an explosive specifically prepared to explode at the moment when a group of people were walking by. Vasil confirms that there was a strong explosive blast and a great number of fragments flew around and immediately wounded people around there began to fall to the ground. Three meters to the right of him fell the well-known Kharkiv activist Ihor Tolmachev. Shrapnel from the explosion killed him on the spot.

More about Kharkiv explosion is available here.

Credits to: Vasil Ponamariov

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