How Russia promotes its hate propaganda on YouTube

Date: 2014 – 2018

Location: US and ROW

Video details how Russia promotes its hate propaganda on YouTube against Ukraine & YouTube’s apparent total lack of understanding about how it works. The whole Nazi this and that, is standard anti-Ukraine Kremlin propaganda, used since Russia annexed Crimea and invaded eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Sadly, YouTube has ignored multiple complaints about the featured videos, despite them all blatantly promoting hatred, inciting violence and encouraging criminal acts. Remarkably, YouTube even gives out awards for posting such vile videos. Maybe they should check out some of disgusting comments along with the videos?

We live in hope that these videos are deleted and action taken against the channel. That’s action taken before someone gets hurt because of them. I will be writing to Google to ask about YouTube’s policy in regards to the promotion of violence and hatred.

There are a total of 6 recent videos on Graham Phillips channel which have been reported and which break YouTube user policy agreement.

Credits: Alex KingGlasnost Gone

Music: Action Time by Biz Baz Studio

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