OSCE collaborates with Russian armed forces in Ukraine

Date: July 19, 2015

Location: Donetsk oblast, Ukraine

OSCE collaborates with Russian armed forces in Ukraine.This video evidence clearly show OSCE representatives collaborate with Russian proxy forces. Instead of observing the frontlines situation OSCE members are taking part in an orientation meeting headed by Russian Forces Lieutenant Colonel with appropriate identification marks.Besides OSCE representatives we also see at the orientation meeting Russian journalists.As a result the misleading information circulates in world media and there’s few main misleading facts this video eliminates:1) It is not a CIVIL WAR in Ukraine but Russian regular army forces invasion into Ukraine’s territory with full scale warfare operations;
2) Crimean peninsula seizure and annexation to Russia;
3) Failure of the Minsk agreements;
4) escalation of the situation in war zone of eastern Ukraine with potential opportunity to become a full scale War in Eastern Europe;
5) OSCE collaborates with Russian army staff and therefore generates wrong reports about the real situation in the war zone of eastern Ukraine meanwhile synchronizing the information with Russian journalists and mediaIt is evident how Russia continues warfare masking the event as civil war between Ukrainian citizens and misinforms ROW about own further plan to go further to seize more territory and destabilize the international situation.The only question now is how far Russia will go?When and where will stop?Mariupol? Odessa? Kiev? Warszawa? Riga? Oslo? Paris? Berlin?It will be discovered very soon…

Credits to: News-Front

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