Russian forces attack Ukrainian ships radio intercept

Date: Nov 25, 2018

Location: Black Sea neutral waters, Ukraine

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released intercepted radio communications between Russian Commandment and officers of Russian border patrol ships during the attack on Ukrainian ships.

The Russian coastguard rammed and opened fire on two Ukrainian navy boats and a tug in the Kerch Strait near Russian-occupied Crimea, before Ukrainian ships tried to pass under the Kerch Bridge on their way from Odesa to Mariupol.

2 Ukrainian boats were damaged, 6 crew members injured, 24 crew members captured. This is the first open aggression of Russia against Ukraine. For the last 4 years, Russia was sneakily fighting in Ukraine using its soldiers without insignia and mercenaries, thus denying its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

For more information click here.

Crimea was ultimately annexed by Russia.

Credits: NewsFromUkraine


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