Russia’s invasion of Ukraine camps and its fake humanitarian aid

Date: August 22, 2014

Location: Luhansk, Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine camps and its fake humanitarian aid at the Russian side of the border. In July/Aug 2014, all along Ukraine’s eastern border, the Russian army built numerous, military camps. Large and small, the regular Russian army used these camps as launch pads for its invasion of Ukraine.

Google Earth and commercial satellite images show thousands of Russian military vehicles and troops/crews probably entered Ukraine via these camps. For this video, all satellite images are from Google Earth, so everyone is free to view the same locations.

With Google Earth showing August 22nd 2014, this video also looks at Russia’s first so called “humanitarian aid convoy” sent into Ukraine. Apart from a handful whose content was shown to the worlds media, almost certainly the bulk of the 250 trucks, will have carried military supplies and probably soldiers.

Credits: Alex KingGlasnost Gone

Music: Dark Mystery by Audionautix


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