Ukrainian POW brought to Donetsk by Russian MIA vehicle

Date: January 20, 2015

Location: Donetsk, Ukraine

Ukrainian POW brought to Donetsk by Russian MIA vehicle.

Today Russian proxies, DPR militants or (please put your variant on how to call people, that violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine and occupied the city of Donetsk with gangs) decided to feed Russian audience with so-called ‘real’ events in eastern Ukraine.

They arrived to the center of Donetsk with POW – the Ukrainian soldier (UKR Cyborg), earlier captured at Donetsk airport with a one goal: to let the Russian TV Channel’s film a scene on how civilians hate the Ukrainian army.

But it’s hard to hide the truth. There’s an interesting detail about the car. At the last frames of this hot footage, the truth became visible. Ukrainian serviceman, at the territory of Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk was forced to sit in a car with Russian number plates. Sure, you may say there are many cars with Russian plates in the territory of Ukraine. Yes. But in the current case, number plates are said this car belongs to RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS (!).

In fact, Russian TV filmed not only direct evidence of the human rights violation by the militants in eastern Ukraine, but also let the World know that Russian MIA staff takes part in the detaining of Ukrainian servicemen. Hope Russian MFA, Mr Lavrov is preparing the answer. Will see soon.


Video credits to:НОВОРОССИЯ TV


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