An exhibition of flowers frozen in the ice will take place in Kyiv

exhibition of flowers frozen in the ice in kyiv

Date: December 15 – December 30, 2017
Venue: Signing Field, Kyiv, Ukraine

An exhibition of flower compositions, frozen in the pieces of ice, will take place in the Singing Field in Kyiv during the “Ice Age” Festival.
Flowers are frozen in water in special freezers, so they remain intact and look like they are alive. In total, 20 ice sculptures will be presented at the exhibition. Exposure format is 20 half-closed tents 3×3 m, under each will be a unique exhibit.
Also snowboarding, snowtubing, an area of children’s attractions, an exhibition of large snow figures, food courts, 5 zones with warm tents will be waiting in the Singing Field. And also a Christmas tree, photo walls, winter fairs, shops with sweets, honey, woolen products, interesting gifts, souvenir-themed products and much more.
As a reminder, the festive New Year’s festival “Ice Age” will last from December 15 to January 30 at the Singing Field.




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