Art Project: The Reality of the Ten – Top Ten of Luhansk

Event Details:

  • Date: 17-27 June 2015 
  • Venue:

Amazing art exhibition, organized by Artil Maidan welcomes all, who would like to discover more about Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine and its TOP 10 artists, musicians, designers, journalists, and photographers …

What we know about Lugansk?

Lugansk now …is a city of limited words:

– War, East, ATO, Separatists, Refugees, Humanitarian Convoy, Weapons;
– Depressive region;
– Tragedy and hatred;
– Fear, confrontation;
– News, waiting, fear again;

What did we know about Lugansk before?

It is probably not worth voicing aloud and describing countryside.
Although… the territory does not exclude its beauty and poetic enjoyment.

Probably it is necessary that everybody asks this question herself/himself?
And it would be interesting to make the statistics of answers. Maybe…
Even create a canvas, by the generalized energy of understanding.
Visualization of the general picture of the points of view, an onlooker’s look at ourselves.

The Invisible Lugansk…
The Unknown or the Undiscovered?

It opens the veil of the recent past.
It opens the everyday and the modern perspectives of creativity.
It’s the foreshortening of the emotional and creative people who love life and their home, as they are.

10% of people out of 100 can see and digest the harsh reality of the limited life, accept it and to find creative compromises.
10% who with their love of life and work supported the 90%, thereby …
creating balance and ballast
even by its inconsistency in proportion.
Behind the scenes, not intrusive, like flower children, like peace-loving hippies!

TOP 10 of Lugansk:

Artists, musicians, designers, journalists, photographers.
A small island of the 21st century…
In the total Middle Ages of the present.

The price of the issue?
All Ukraine !!!

The price of the issue?
Human lives !!!

With whom are we at war?

Will the Beauty save the world?


While the Beauty saves the world, will Seriousness ruin it?

Lear more about Artil Maidan activities on its FB page or contact for more details.


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