Night in the Bulgakov Museum



Venue: Bulgakov Museum- Memorial, Andriivs’kyi descent, 13A

Cost: UAH 300

On the sixteenth of August, those interested in literature and in the mysteries hiding in the dark Andriivs’kyi descent alleyways will get a chance to visit the Bulhakov museum after its closing hours. The Ukrainan and Russian speaking tour guides will take the excursion beyond the Bulhakov museum down the evening streets of mystical Kyiv, talk about ancient legends, share their personal mythical stories, and will take you to places where your wishes come true. Of course, the main jam of the excursion will be the number 13 house on Andreevsky Descent, the doors of which will open only for the excursion group at a time when they are usually tightly closed. In this mysterious number 13 house reside only the ghosts of the past years, and their watchman, guarding the entities. In the museum, visitors will be given a special tour with an emphasis on the light mysticism behind Bulgakov’s house.


Publication prepared by Liza Tuka



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