Expat and friends flag march in solidarity with Ukraine!

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  • Date: 23 November 2014 15:00
  • Venue:

Join Kyiv’s expat community commemorating Maidan’s first anniversary on Sunday, Nov.23!

The 21st November is the 1 year anniversary of the start of EuroMaidan and the huge changes that have affected everybody who lives here.

We think that as an expat community we should continue to show our support for Ukraine,

To commemorate the start of EuroMaidan we are going to have a flag parade as we did early in the year, we will also light candles of remembrance in certain pertinent locations  around the city.

Please come along, with your country’s flag and show support for Ukraine when the country and people need it most.

Visit event page on Facebook to learn more.

EMPR team expresses great thanks to Kyiv’s expat community as its members helped Ukrainians to build up famous initiative EuromaidanPR – the voice of the Euromaidan revolution to ROW, which had over 250 volunteers all over the world! Up to now EuromaidanPR members are involved as freelance journous for the TOP World and Ukrainian Channels, as well as develop various projects, like: EuromaidanPress, NGO Euromaidan Public responsibility, EMPR media, etc.

We are all for Ukraine and go on to share the truth!

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