Putin set conditions on the Normandy Four summit

The Kremlin announced their conditions for the Normandy Four summit.

Russian representative to the OSCE Aleksandr Lukashevich said that Russia would participate in the Normandy Four meeting if Ukraine fulfills several conditions.

“The implementation of these instructions opens a way to a new Normandy Four summit,” said Lukashevich.

The Russian representative to the OSCE said that at this stage the future Normandy Four meeting completely depends on Ukraine, which should implement the “Steinmeier formula” signed on October 1 into its legislation.

Lukashevich also noted that the prospect of the Normandy Four summit would be clear only if the OSCE SMM confirms the disengagement of troops in Zolote-4 and Petrivske.

“Otherwise, a meeting for the sake of a meeting is unlikely to be in demand,” Aleksandr Lukashevich added.

According to a poll conducted in late September, 60% of Ukrainians cannot assess the “Steinmeier formula”.

It is also worth mentioning that the Steinmeier formula signed on October 1 does not include clauses   on Ukraine’s control of the border and peacekeepers, which is important for Ukraine.

The signing of the “Steinmeier formula” may play into the hands of the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who is trying to lead the protest movement. However, most Ukrainians are not ready to see Poroshenko as a leader.


Source: hvylya

Cover photo credits: unian


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