Nadiya Savchenko detained by Russian armed forces in Ukraine

Date: June 17, 2014

Location: Lutugyne, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine

Nadiya Savchenko detained by Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

Video of taking Nadiya Savchenko hostage filmed by Russian mercenaries in Luhansk oblast – war zone in eastern Ukraine was published online.

Video was published on Mikhail Khodorkovsky`s website “Open Russia”.

According to the information posted on the website, the battle during which Russian proxies – the militants of the terrorist organization “LPR” captured Nadiya Savchenko was filmed on camera by Russian mercenary Egor Russkiy.

“He came from Ufa and enlisted in the militant ranks. Some time later he became mayor og Lutugyne. Videos made by taken Egor Russkiy on the day of Nadiya Savchenko`s capture will be attached to the criminal case. Perhaps he will come to testify in court in Donetsk, “- was noted in the Open Russia.

Nadiya Savchenko appears in the video only for 11 seconds, apparently immediately after she was captured.

Credits to: Открытая Россия

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