EMPR twitter digest: February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 | 23:53


Starting from January 2014, EMPR twitter team operates 24/7 to provide in-time info, breaking news, analytics, video and photo reports for our readers from all over the World.

Discover the latest Ukraine news for February 10, 2016 with EMPR twitter digest.


The situation in the war zone in eastern Ukraine remains tense …








Investigation on MH17 continues…



Marta Kuzma, vice chancellor and rector of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden, will be the next dean of the Yale School of Art. Congrats from Ukraine ! …



Updates on issue related to Russian servicemen who were detained in the war zone in eastern Ukraine with the arms fighting on the enemy’s side – Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev…



The following video footage reminds that today is one year since Russian Armed Forces shelling upon Kramatorsk with cluster rockets… 









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