The russian artist is glad the terrorist attack in Paris happened

The russian artist known as Timothy is glad the terrorist attack in Paris happened: those vile creatures were using the banner of “freedom of speech” to cause insult, Obozrevatel reports.

In his photo blog Timothy expressed his approval and delight about the January 7th terrorist act in Paris. The Russian artist thinks the terrorists did the right thing when they shot the journalists of the well known satiric publication “Charlie Hebo.”
The rapper wrote about it on his Instagram site:
“Good news from France – the country that has imposed sanctions on the great nation of ours, Russia,” his post proclaims. “Those loathsome scoundrels hiding under the freedom of speech banner are insulting the Muslims in the whole world. The time has come for revenge and the acts of revenge will continue if the Almighty will provide enough space in hell for those animals. If the right to insult Muslims under the pretext of freedom of speech can be justified then what the two Muslims have performed in Paris can be justified as an example of ‘freedom of art.’
Hollande and his associates – the Merkel, Obama, and others who support a non-traditional social orientation have declared an economic war on Russia. At the same time they are killing thousands of children, women and old people, Muslims in the whole world and are bombing peaceful cities and homes. They creep wherever they want. You monsters will soon get a bashing over your stupid heads from our Great Country!!! It is up to us to quell you fascists now and forever!”
That was not the end of Timothy’s viscious and insulting rant, though. The Russian artist expressed his wish that similar terrorist acts would take place in the densely populated centers in the EU and the United States.
“Why are America, Germany, France, Jordan, Israel, and Canada bombing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia???” Timothy asks. “Arabs lived in peace in their countries until the Americans, the Germans and the French stuck their noses in.
Who is fighting in the Arab countries? All kinds of special agents from the U.S., Europe, and others from that camp. Go bomb Paris like you’re bombing the cities in Syria and Iraq, bomb Washington like you’re bombing Baghdad, bomb Berlin like Kobani is being bombed, bomb Ottawa like Donetsk is being bombed,” the artist advised the world leaders.
A final note: Timothy has issued a statement that the scandalous declarations posted in his name are fake and he has nothing to do with them. The artist proceeded to express his support and condolences to the victims in Paris.
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