NSC news & analysis center briefing at 12:30 July 07, 2015: highlights

News & Analysis Center of the National Security Council of Ukraine presents the latest updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine on July 07, 2015 at its daily briefing.

(1) In general, activization of pro-Russian forces decreased in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. Nevertheless, the enemy’s provocations continued and 37 enemy’s shelling were spotted over the last 24 hours;

(2) Mariupol direction: Ukrainian forces position came under pro-Russian militants mortar attack in the area of Novotroytske; Combat between UA and the enemy’s forces took place near Bogdanyvka (between Volnovakha and Komsomolske); Ceasefire regime remains in the area between Starognatyvka and Azov sea;

(3) Donetsk direction: the enemy fulfilled 2 armed provocations near the village of Lozove. Ukrainian forces repelled attack. Ceasefire regime remains over the last 2 days in the area of Horlyvka. Two more enemy’s armed attacks with the use of mortars and launchers took place near the strategically important railway on the stretch of Fenolna-Yasynuvata. Shootout between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian militants continued in the area of Donetsk airport (from Avdyivka to Maryinka) round-the-clock;

(4) Luhansk direction: militants held strong mortar attack of the village of Scastya last night resulting damage of transformer and turbine unit of Luhansk thermal power plant. Numerous shootouts were spotted in the area of Krymske. Besides, pro-russian militants fulfilled another armed provocation in the area of Zolote after the sunset;

(5) Over the last 24 hours 4 enemy’s UAVs were spotted over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine;

(6) Ukraine border guards spotted 8 Russian UAVs over the territory between temporary occupied Crimea and the mainland Ukraine;

(6) No lethal casualties in the last 24 hours, 3 Ukrainian servicemen got wounded;

(7) SBU detained 1 informator of pro-Russian militants acting in Yasynuvatsky region and 3 more pro-Russian informators were detained in Kharkiv.


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