Automaidan activists organize Poroshokin rally in Kyiv

Happening now: #Poroshokin Rally at Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko’s residence/palace gate.

Automaidan activists came in 93 cars and called for Prosecutor General Shokin’s resignation.


In the meantime, activists left massage at the Poroshenko’s palace gate that Prosecutor Shokin is accused of shielding corruption with President Petro Poroshenko’s blessing.


No one is speaking with activists.


Petro Poroshenko, Presidential Administration representatives and presidential press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko were silent.


In addition, Ukrainian MP and member of Anti-corruption committee in the Parliament Egor Sobolev appeal to Poroshenko that “…as practice shows, after Automaidan visit to President’s house next step is Rostov…”.


To remind, former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was forced to run away to the city Rostov in Russia after Euromaidan events in February 2014.



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