EMPR digest: February 1, 2015

Since January 2014, EMPR twitter team operates 24/7 to provide in-time info, breaking news, analytics, video and photo reports about Ukraine for our readers from all over the World. Discover the latest updates from Ukraine for February 1, 2015 with EMPR twitter digest.

Donbas Volunteer Battalion commander Semen Semenchenko got in a car accident, his condition worsened. In the afternoon, MP Filatov reported that Commander Semenchenko’s condition is stable. He’s got concussion, fractures and a punctured lung…

5 Ukrainian servicemen (51st brigade, Donbas) were liberated from the Russian occupier’s captivity in eastern Ukraine…

Volunteers of a great humatinatial initiative Vostok-SOS brought relief goods to IDPs in UA-controlled city of Severodonetsk…

After stepping back from Vuhlehirsk, Ukrainian forces made an unsuccessful attempt to re-enter the city supported by artillery. In course of this operation 4 Donbas Volunteer battalion servicemen were killed and 11 wounded…

The latest NSC’s updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine as of February 1, 2015 is also available here

Failed Minsk meeting updates: former Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma says militants demanded a unilateral ceasefire decree from Ukraine otherwise threatened with a full-scale combat along the contact line…

Russian Federation Embassy in Kyiv. 31 crosses each for a killed citizen in Mariupol Massacre…

Main repair base of Russian military (aid) equipment exploded and burns in Donetsk tonight…

The latest updates from Debaltseve: Militants shelled Debaltseve with Grad, hit the city council where civilians gathered for the further evacuation. 9 people were wounded. In the meantime, Ukrainian artillery destroyed a convoy (including equipment, artillery and manpower) heading to reinforce militants’ offensive on Debaltseve.  Though constantly under fire. the city of Debaltseve remains under Ukrainian control…


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