EMPR digest: January 30, 2015

Discover the latest updates from Ukraine for January 30, 2015 with EMPR twitter digest. Since January 2014, EMPR twitter team operates 24/7 to provide in-time info, breaking news, analytics, video and photo reports about Ukraine for our readers from all over the World

Morning ATO press center updates from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine: losses of Ukrainian army within the lasy 24 hours are 5 killed and 23 wounded servicemen. Militants keep firing at Ukrainian military positions and localities. At Mariupol direction fired at Pavlopil and Chermalyk…

Today’s Google’s Doodle marks birthday annivers of Vsevolod Nestayko, Ukrainian children’s writer…

Aidar battalion is picketing the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. To remind: yesterday Aidar battalion issued a statement disproving the info on the dissolution of the battalion..

Ukrainian journalist was beaten againg…

Learn how Russians shelled Luhansk with MRLS…

100 ppl are picketing the session of Mariupol city council…

Heartbreaking: at least 7 civilians have been killed today as Donetsk was shelled…

Latest updates from NSC News & Analytics center as of January 30,2015 is also available here

Brave man climbed the stage of Metropolitan Opera NY after Netrebko’s performance to show anti-Putin placard…

How Ukraine won the right to host the international downhill cycling competition…


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