Nadia Savchenko’s release is a foregone conclusion

February 5, 2016 | 22:19

Photo from @GlasnostGone

Photo from @GlasnostGone

Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia, Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko seems to be released soon.


It’s becoming clear from Nadia’s lawyer Mark Feygin tweets. He wrote that negotiations to set Nadia free are underway as well as the court verdict in her case is a foregone conclusion.



Mark Feygin also mentioned that the role played by Ukrainian media in covering the trial of Savchenko in the Russian city of Donetsk was crucial.



To remind, today is the 50th day of Nadia Savchenko’s hunger strike. She already spent 568 days since being kidnapped by Putin’s regime in the war zone in eastern Ukraine.




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