On potential actions of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Kyiv

On potential actions of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Kyiv.

– SRG Wagner (new name “League”) plans to enter Kyiv

– SRG, total number 200-300 people, will enter Kyiv by car in groups of 1-4 people (including women)

– SRG includes residents of Ukraine (Luhansk region, Donetsk region, Western Ukraine). Fluent in Ukrainian 

– The main ways to move – Staroobukhiv, Novoobukhiv, Odesa highways. Their cover story is to take their relatives’ belongings from Kyiv.

– Lodging – safe houses

– Weapons – can be imported with humanitarian aid

– Aim – seize any “management center” (district state administration, other administrative buildings). Then – hang the RF flag to take a photo / video.

– Goals and objectives 

   Get as staff at cooking facilities 

Prepare hidden explosive devices (cans with food, reinforced ammunition) and transport them to the units

Create a “penetration corridor” at a suitable time (blasting, physical elimination, poisoning, biological destruction)

– Probable action plan:

   Involving several mobile SRG groups to create “penetration corridors”

  The SRG’s breakthrough into a “penetration corridor”

   Fire damage to the OS from the rear of the checkpoint

   Moving around the city and shooting at objects (including civilian) to create “chaos”

– The course of the operation may vary depending on circumstances and available forces.



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