Remembering Euromaidan: Photo Project ‘Human Factor. Last Edition’


February 19, 2016 | 16:24 PM

Photo by Sergii Nikolaiev

Photo by Sergii Nikolaiev

To the memory of Euromaidan events an amazing Photo Project was born . The authors stress attention that project dedicated to ordinary people who made the Revolution of Dignity and opened the possibility for real changes in Ukraine.

On the historical photos you will find only people with dignity.
They all gave a chance to the changes in our country.
These pictures were on the barricades at Euromaidan – the first copies have burned during the bloody days of Riot Police attacks.
After that, photo project was opened outdoor at the Independency Square in Kyiv.
These unique photos have traveled across the country as well as abroad (Germany, France, Luxembourg and Poland).
From now photo project moved to the Internet along with the memories of witnesses of those heartbreaking events – photographers.
They want to remind us on how it was there, at Euromaidan.
Among the authors of this photo project, photographers who died during the Russian – Ukraine war in eastern Ukraine: Viktor Gurnyak (died October 2014, the track ‘Bahmutka’) and Sergiy Nikolaev (died February 2015, village of Pisky).
Please follow the link to visit Photo Project ‘Human Factor. Last Edition.’ web site.
The phrase ‘…and enjoy the photo exhibition’ is not acceptable here.
The better one is ‘…and never forget!’
Photo by Maks Levin

Photo by Maks Levin




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