Ukraine SBU blocked pro-Kremlin hackers activity in Kyiv

Security Service of Ukraine together with the Prosecutor General’s Office revealed the activity of pro-Kremlin hackers office in Kyiv.

This is stated in the message of the Press Center of the Security Service of Ukraine.
Special service operatives have discovered that the FSB-controlled hacker group organized cyberattacks, in particular on critical infrastructure objects, state and banking institutions. The hackers used the message anonymization services to hide the identity of the attacks.
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine also documented that the attackers used so-called “bot-farms” on behalf of the Russian intelligence services to carry out special information operations against our country.
During the searches at the office and at the places of residence of the defendants in the case, law enforcement officers found software and hardware complexes, server equipment, computer equipment and more than fifty thousand cards of mobile operators from different countries involved in hacker attacks.
The pre-trial investigation as a part of criminal proceedings opened under Criminal Rule of Ukraine 361.


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