UNSC session on the situation in Ukraine: highlights

Today UNSC adopted resolution on the situation in Ukraine.

Main highlights of the further UNSC live session is presented below.

UK Representative to UN:

– reminds that eastern Ukrainian crisis caused more that 5000 people killed & more than 1000000 Ukrainians IDPs;

– admits that crisis in eastern Ukraine starts from Crimea annexation made by Russia in March 2014;

– UK calls for Russia to use its influence on terrorists to fulfill Minsk agreements.

US Representative to UN:

– eastern Ukraine town of Debaltsevo is the main tense area in the conflictzone now;

– Russia escalates situation in eastern Ukraine and killed Ukrainian soldiers;

– Russia is backing the assault on Debaltseve after ceasefire in effect & suggests resolution on peaceful settlement;

– US is for the Minsk agreement implementation and calls Russia to translate hope of ALL to the action and to the real results.

– if Russia wants peace there is no need in resolution. Take off your troops and stop supplying separatists with weaponry.

France Representative to UN:

– starts his speech from remind of MH17 victims in eastern Ukraine back in July17, 2014;

– admits that shelling continues in eastern Ukraine (esp. in Debaltseve) despite ceasefire declaration.

Spain Representative to UN:

– humanitarian tragedy in eastern Ukraine is crucial and Minsk agreement may solve the issue.

Chile Representative to UN:

– respects adoption of UNSC resolution and believes ceasefire will be implemented in eastern Ukraine.

Malaysia representative to UN:

– speaks on behalf of delegations not represented in UNSC from countries citizens of which were killed in MH17 crash and demands to ensure responsibility for those responsible for MH17 down in eastern Ukraine.

Lithuania Representative to UN:

– reminds Nadia Savchenko as one of many Ukrainian political prisoners held by Kremlin regime in Russia and emphasizes the need to liberate all hostages;

– stress attention that the words about Ukraine’s territorial integrity from Minsk agreements are missing in UNSC resolution;

– says that accountability must be the basis of Minsk package fulfilment;

– is wondering where separatists get so many modern tanks and other weaponry and admits some EU countries don’t have it.

Ukraine Representative to UN:

– says reality is the opposite word for Russia. Escalation of situation in Ukraine continues;

– from the midnight of February 15 up to now Ukrainian territory and army positions were shelled 160 times from heavy weaponry. There are injured and killed among civilians and servicemen;

– situation in Debaltseve is increadibly tense! Russian forces did there best to surround the town;

– reminds to Russian Representative to UN that it was not Crimea reunion last year, but Crimea annexation made by Russia.


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