Yet another explosion goes off in Odessa

3 August, around 3:18 in the morning, an explosion went off in Odessa in the Self-Defence Head-Quarters, 35 Kanatnaya Street (closer to the city centre).

взрыв Одесса

Upon preliminary information, two unknown persons threw a bomb onto the HQ territory, while driving by on а moped. Both were wearing helmets. The explosion has shuttered a window in the guard booth. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Some windows of the nearby house have been also broken. Representatives of law-enforcement bodies have already arrived to the scene to investigate the accident.

IMG 3793

взрыв Одесса-1

взрыв Одесса-2

To remind, the Odessa Self Defence HQ hosts volunteer centre Nebayduzhy Narod (meaning Concerned People), helping Ukrainian soldiers at the front line in eastern Ukraine, and a volunteer aid depot for IDPs from Donbas.

UPD: Odessa Self-Defence provided CCTV video showing the incident:



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