U.S. Global Asset Recovery Forum opening without Ukrainian Prosecutor General

ukraine news in english us global asset recovery forum opens without ukrainian procetor general lutsenko saakashvilli

U.S. Global Asset Recovery Forum has started its work without Ukrainian Prosecutor General. In Washington there was a situation that unfolded around the canceled visit of Yuriy Lutsenko to the United States, Natalie Sedletska reports.

Last night (Kyiv time) in the capital of the United States, the Global Asset Recovery Forum opening is taking place. This year it is devoted to four countries, one of them is Ukraine.
The rest of states are represented at the highest level, general prosecutors and justice ministers of the three countries are taking part in the main panel at the opening of the Forum.
Why Yuriy Lutsenko is not present in the hall, although he was recently declared in the Forum opening program?
Because the Attorney General of Ukraine did not arrive at Washington, his visit was canceled.
It is a pity, because the Attorney-General of the United States Jeff Sessions heads the opening. It would be interesting to see if Yuriy Lutsenko would repeat his statement about the illegal cooperation of the FBI and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) in Ukraine (few days ago Yuriy Lutsenko stated that on one of Ukrainian TV Channel).
Interesting story also happened with the deputies, whom Lutsenko allegedly was delegating instead himself, but who also literally “did not reach” the discovery.
Evgeniy Yenin must arrive only tomorrow.
Because he allegedly did not have a visa in time, another deputy prosecutor, Dmitry Storozhuk, was sent to the opening instead of him. According to my information, he even departed from Kiev to Washington on Saturday, but … did not catch up. Just did not take a place on a plain in Istanbul.
Who will represent Ukraine at the official opening of this important event?
This could have been done either by the Director of NABU Artem Sitnik or the head of the SAC Nazar Holodnitsky, who were also invited to the Forum to participate in other events and closed meetings.
But in the end it was compromised that it would be. Valery Chaly, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States.
It was the news from Washington, stay tuned.


Image credits:  Natalie Sedletska FB.
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P.S. This morning, one more ground reason has appeared for Yuriy Lutsenko to stay in Kyiv – an attempt to arrest former President of Georgia Michael Saakashvilli.

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