Russian Federation drilling platforms are stealing Ukrainian resources

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Border aviation of Ukraine registered plundering of natural resources of Ukraine in the Black Sea by drilling platforms, fixed platforms and support vessels under the Russian flag.

This information reported by Ukrainian Informational Resistance group with the reference on the video, published by the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues to carry out the tasks of protection of the state border reinforcement. It also protects Ukraine’s interests in its exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine. The boundary department actively engages aviation to these measures, except forces and means of maritime safety.
As a result, during the implementation of air monitoring of surface picture by the State Border Guard Service plane, the location of jackup drilling rigs, fixed platforms and support vessels under the Russian flag were fixed and confirmed in Odessa and Golitsyn gas fields.
The presence of supply vessels under the flag of the Russian Federation within the fields may indicate a continuation of the illegal exploration and exploitation of natural resources, as well as the operation of units and buildings for commercial purposes without the permission of the competent authorities of Ukraine “, message says.
The State Border Guard Service immediately informed the interested ministries and departments after revealing these facts.
Video credits: DPSU
EMPR, Maria Nesheva conributed to this publication
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  1. Ian Gray 6 years ago

    Take what ever measures you want to stop them thieveing your resources, any debt you owe them can be written off with proof.

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