Ukraine to build 5 ships for border guards together with France

Ukrainian shipbuilding companies have signed a contract with French partners to build five ships for the State Border Guard Service in Mykolayiv.

According to Deputy Interior Minister  Serhiy Honcharov, “Within the framework of this project, it was important for Ukraine to localize and involve Ukrainian companies in production.

As a result of the agreement, we will be able not only to create a powerful fleet for Border Guard Service, but also to raise the potential of our companies to the European level. As to our French colleagues, they will discover Ukraine even more and will be confident in our reliability as business partners.”

The production contract was signed between the Ukrainian NIBULON and the French OCEA companies. The production will take place at the shipyards of Mykolayiv.

These 5 boats will be sold under an agreement signed in 2019. According to it, the French government and leading European banks will provide loans for the construction of French ships in the amount of 136.5 million euros with the localization of part of the production in Ukraine. 


Source: mvs

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