Hypersonic cruise missile is being developed in Ukraine

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The State Design Bureau “Pivdenne” is developing a new hypersonic cruise missile with the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

The exact characteristics and name of the new hypersonic missile are not disclosed.

Recently on the Internet there was a presentation video “Design Bureau “Pivdenne” n.a. M.K. Yangel”. On this video the latest developments of the design bureau and a sketch of the new super-armament were shown.

As it has been revealed in the video, the Design Bureau “Pivdenne” is actively developing the concept of new high-speed aircraft. At the moment it is known about the existence of a project to create a hypersonic cruise missile ground and airborne.
The Ukrainian design is a high-speed missile with a hypersonic, direct air-jet engine capable of operating both solid and liquid fuels. At the expense of the start-up unit, the cruise missile gathers the required flight altitude of 30-40 kilometers, where the environmental conditions allow the maximum effective operation of the hypersonic engine of the cruise missile.
The operation time of the hypersonic engine is short, but even during this time, the aircraft is able to cover a huge distance. According to data from open sources, a promising Ukrainian hypersonic cruise missile will be able to develop a speed of 1,700 meters per second. The range of this rocket may be about 300 km or higher (it is worth noting that the technical characteristics of the rocket theoretically allow you to increase the range to 1750 km).
Now the design bureau “Pivdenne” develops a whole family of so-called hypersonic aircraft. And the new hypersonic cruise missile will have in its design a number of unified technical solutions that can be used on other aircraft as well. So, Design Bureau specialists are already actively developing new supermaterials that can withstand temperature differences and high loads. In conditions of hypersonic flight, some elements of the rocket will be exposed both to the effects of ultralow temperatures and to the heating of the melting point of the metal. The use of modern composite materials will provide high-speed and, most importantly, highly maneuverable missile flight, protecting it from destruction.
Today, the leading countries of the world, including the USA, Russia and China, are also involved in the development of this type of weapon. The prospect of this type of aircraft is phenomenally large flight speeds, which makes it possible to strike lightning strikes over long distances and, most importantly, bypass all existing and future anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems. Unlike the previous generation of cruise missiles, which move to the goal at a rather low speed, the new design is able to strike in a few seconds, but still carry out active maneuvers in all areas of its flight, unlike ballistic missiles.
It is expected that hypersonic aircraft will soon become the basis for the creation of a new generation of shock weapons. Hypersonic missiles for airborne and ground based missile defense can hit high-security targets, important military-industrial and administrative targets, command posts of the forces of a potential enemy and terrorist camps in the shortest possible time.


Image credits: nosint
Video credits: Petr i Mazepa
Source: 1news

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