Kyiv hosts Zombie Parade to reflect pro-Russian newspaper ‘Vesti’

Activists gathered June 21 in the center of Kyiv to deride and poke fun at the propaganda routinely published by the free daily publication “Vesti”.

Activists dressed and made up as zombies marched carrying slogans expressing ‘gratitude’ to the Security Service of Ukraine for their support of the newspaper “Vesti” which according to the activists promotes pro-Russian sentiment. They explained their choice of costumes as a reflection of the zombie mindset the newspaper promotes: the zombification of Ukrainian readers.

The activists ended their action at the main office of the Security Service of Ukraine. A ‘thank you’ poster was hung on the door of the office.

Along the way the activists stopped at a branch of Srebank Russia, previously shut down.
The Russian flag and St. George ribbons were visible on the costumes worn by the activists.

We offer a photo report submitted by our EMPR correspondent.

Valeriy Nikonov, EMPR


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