Mariupol State University moved to Kyiv

From today Mariupol State University starts working in Kyiv and about 4,5 thousand students receive education there.

“It’s a feat that our colleagues managed to survive, to leave and unanimously expressed the opinion to continue working in Kyiv in order to preserve the university. We are now proving that the main thing is not the walls, but the people,” Mykola Trofimenko, rector of the Mariupol State University.

The university buildings in Mariupol are destroyed. Some of the premises are burned down, there are collapsed ones. Those that were more or less intact are being systematically looted.

Approximately 80% of the workers have left the city. Four university workers have been killed, and the fate of another 40 is unknown.

The university has been relocated to the KNUSA base. Also, places in the dormitory were allocated, the opportunity to use the sports base, all the infrastructure facilities of Kyiv National University was provided.

It is planned to register a fund for restoration and assistance of Mariupol University.

Source: Rector of the University Mykola Trofimenko for Suspilne


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