Russia admits seizure and militarization of Ukrainian oil rigs in the Black Sea

Russia admits seizure of Ukrainian oil rigs in the Black Sea after Ukraine closed part of the Black Sea adjacent to its mainland coast.

Before large-scale exercises at the Yagorlyk training ground in Kherson region, Russia tried to prevent the missile firing of the Ukrainian military.

This was reported by Boris Babin, former representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea.

“After missile firing at the Yagorlyk training ground has been successfully completed, we can provide a more detailed report on Russia’s provocations that preceded the exercises.

They began after Ukraine, in compliance with international law, closed part of the Black Sea adjacent to its mainland coast. The aggressor’s military department resorted to written threats to the Ukrainian government claiming that our exercises allegedly ….threaten the equipment of the gas producing platforms of the Russian company Chernomorneftegaz, their personnel and the “military personnel providing their protection.” 

The aggressor also cynically and brazenly commented on the risks to the marine environment due to the “malfunctioning” of these platforms and pipelines connected to them. Thus, now it’s clear how the enemy will explain to the world the planned blockade of our Black Sea ports … It is noteworthy that before the enemy never recognized the militarization of the captured rigs in official documents, because this is both aggression, occupation, and violation of the law of the sea , and an indisputable sign of a conflict with Ukraine at sea, ” noted Babin.

It should be reminded that from October 31 to November 4, tactical exercises with live firing with air defense units Buk M1, S-300 PT and control flight tests of missiles for anti-craft missile systems S-300 PT, S-300 PS and S-300 B1, as well as final test-launches of anti-craft missile S125-2D1 were held at the Yagorlyk training ground.


Source: sprotyv

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