Once Upon A Time In Ukraine. Revolution

Once upon a time in Ukraine there was a revolution. What drove the people to the Maidan? An act of desperation? A patriotic impulse? Or was the whole thing simply a manifestation of civic unrest? 

Already there are heated quarrels among politicians about what happened; already books are being written and legends are being circulated. 

It is doubtful that history will ever tell an evenhanded, objective account about what actually took place. I WAS THERE, and as I am a film director, I tell stories through film, and “Once Upon A Time In Ukraine” was made right there, in the thick of the action, at the barricades, and the script was not written the usual way but wrote itself as the action unfolded on the Maidan, and real people’s real destinies became the heart and soul of the film. The film is hotly debated; it is criticized vehemently even though few have actually seen it, especially the uncut version which has not been shown anywhere. Answers will not be provided by the film and it is uncertain whether a comprehensive judgment of the film will ever be offered by future generations; whether some day the events that took place in Ukraine on and around the Maidan will be understood, and what, if any, conclusions and lessons will be drawn.

What is certain, however, what cannot be disputed is the fact that Ukraine has become a different country as a consequence of those pivotal events.

We are pleased to announce the release of an official trailer of the film “Once Upon A Time In Ukraine. Revolution.” 

Igor Parfenov – film director, member of the Ukraine Union of Cinematographers (mail@cetalife.com.ua)

Studio ”Step


EMPR, O. R. contribued to this publication.

This publication is also available in French and Russian.

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