Simferopol detention center in occupied Crimea is chock full

Simferopol’s detention center in occupied Crimea contains three times as many people as are allowed under the construction project.

This was told by the Alushta “ex-deputy” Pavel Stepanchenko, who was released from prison after three years of detention.

According to Stepanchenko, in 2016 the Simferopol detention center held 2,500 prisoners. Later their number grew a little less. He also says that according to the design estimate documentation, this detention center is designed for 747 people.

Pavel Stepanchenko was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months on charges of commercial bribery. The editor-in-chief of the local “Your Newspaper” Alexei Nazimov and the operator of this media Andrei Oblezov were convicted together with him.

Russian investigators insisted that the “deputy” and the journalists demanded a ransom from the local United Russia in exchange for refusing to publish compromising information.

Nazimov’s “Your Newspaper” was known for its harsh criticism and investigations into the activities of local authorities.

Source: podpricelom


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