“The nuclear threat” or whom Putin decided to surprise

Yesterday, April 23rd, an anonymous call was made to the Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don with an alarming claim that several train cars with the symbol “danger hazardous nuclear content” were seen going through the city train station in the direction of Crimea.

According to witnesses on the peninsula they have sighted similar freight being brought in numerous times to the territory of the occupied autonomous republic. Military experts do not rule out the possibility that nuclear warheads are being brought into Crimea for the mobile missile systems already in place. The presence of Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea, just as years ago the Soviet Union was bringing into Cuba, poses a threat not only to Ukraine (which in signing an international agreement Russia had agreed to protect) but also to Europe and the Middle East.

So against whom is the Russian Federation planning to use nuclear weapons? Is it really Ukraine, which gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for safety guarantees? If so, besides the “Kyiv junta” that will suffer, so will the “genuine Russians” in the so-called LNR and the DNR whom Vladimir Vladimirovich has been frantically “protecting” for a whole year. I would like to ask the people who live in the occupied zone of the Donbas, do they need this kind of protection?

Maybe the threat is aimed at the European countries where the “rights of Russians are being violated,” and at Turkey, where the Russian Empire had from time immemorial claimed that the Kurdish and Iranian lands belong to Russia and where despite the current friendly relations the Communist Party still exists as an underground party?

We can only guess inasmuch as the situation is reminiscent of the “monkey with the gun.” No one knows what will strike the “great gatherer of the Russian lands” next. In the meantime all we can do is wait for the moment when the “great leaders of the world” will once again express their “deep concern.”

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication

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