The protest against the sale of the French Mistrals to Russia

Today, at the France Embassy in Kyiv the protest against the sale of Mistral to Russia took place. Over the past 4 months, Russia is actively directing and fueling a bloody confrontation in the East and South of Ukraine. Direct participation of Moscow in the military aggression in Eastern Ukraine is a fact.  


While the French government expressed their support to Ukraine and deep concern over the Russian annexation of Crimea, it does not cancel the military deal with Russia and still make the selling of two ships «Mistral» class to Russia possible. 
It means that, while condemning Russia’s military action, France at the same time, continuing to deliver ultra-modern, powerful, military equipment to aggressor.


To sell weapons to a country that violated several international agreements, including the Budapest Memorandum, in which Russia was one of the guarantees of the territorial integrity of Ukraine is immoral.


Brief report by EMPR


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