Three prototypes of robotized arm were created in Lviv (Video)

Three prototypes of robotized arm that can move its fingers and react to impulses of muscles were presented in Lviv.

The presentation took place in early May during  24-hour Cyber pills for mental health robo-hackathon, as Inspired informs.

IMG 9783

Every team (out of three), with a total number of 20 participants, has developed a robohand.IMG 9420

The cost price of each robohand does not exceed $ 300. Opensource blueprints, details, printed on 3D-printers, and a special software were used for its creation.IMG 9865

The robohand preview was available not only for Lviv citizens, but also for international experts from the UK, Russia and Poland.
Cyber pills for mental health is a series of events dedicated to introducing cyber technologies into everyday life. They are the integral part of the Survival Kit for Virtual Reality program, which is simultaneously taking place in Mykolaiv (Ukrainian), Budapest (Hungary) and Zilina (Slovakia).

Credits to: Betaplace

Ievgen Reznik, EMPR
The publication is also available in Russian

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