Estonia allows Ukrainians to enter without COVID tests and isolation

On July 19, 2021, Estonia  introduces new entering rules for European countries and Ukraine is in the “green list” of states, the Estonian Foreign Ministry said.

In particular, Ukraine is included in the list of countries outside the European Union, whose residents are allowed to enter Estonia, including for tourism purposes. It is indicated that the 14-day infection rate should not exceed 75.1 new cases per 100,000 people per day.

It is also noted that Ukrainians do not need a negative test for coronavirus, neither when entering the country nor a few days before. In addition, there will be no mandatory 10-day self-isolation upon arrival in the country.

The rules will reportedly be in effect from July 19 to July 25, 2021, with the possibility of renewal.

Besides Ukraine, the list of countries includes the USA, Israel, Albania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Japan, Armenia, North Macedonia, Serbia and others.

Andorra, Spain, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal and the UK are currently on the “red” list.

Earlier, on July 17, 2021, Denmark opened its borders to Ukrainians for all types of travel. Before that, the European Union added Ukraine to a list of countries for which it recommends that COVID-related travel restrictions be lifted.

At the same time, this recommendation of the European Council does not mean automatic permission to enter the EU countries for all categories of Ukrainians. The member states independently decide on the rules of entering their territories.


Source: delo


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