First cargo plane from Canada with military aid is on the way to Ukraine

Cargo plane with first part of military aid given by Canadian Government is on the way to Ukraine now. This was said by the ambassador of Ukraine in Canada Vadym Prystayko. aid-28.11

With the reference to the minister of Defense of Canada Rob Nicholson it is known that the Canadian government gave military aid to Ukraine with total cost of USD 11 mln for protective gear (USD 5mln), explosives disposal equipment (USD 3 mln), communications equipment (USD 1 mln), night and thermal vision equipment (USD 1 mln), and medical training (USD 1 mln).

The ambassador of Ukraine Vadym Prystayko informs that the cargo plane of Royal Canadian Air Force will arrive to Kiev Boryspil Airport on November 28. aid-28.11-2

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