Ministry of Health determines 240 hospitals for patients with COVID-19

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has determined 240 medical facilities for hospitalization of COVID19 patients whose health is deteriorating.

“240 medical facilities have been selected throughout Ukraine … They have been selected and approved by the heads of regions, regional health departments, recommended by the NHS together with the Ministry of Health. Patient safety is a priority selection criterion.”

Details: According to data received by the NHS from these health facilities, they all have the necessary equipment to treat patients with coronavirus.

In particular, 240 facilities provide 4,189 places for isolation of patients, 67,000 beds, of which 11,00 – infectious, 1,716 beds in intensive care departments. The number of mechanical ventilators is 1,868. There are 5,855 anesthesiologists (2,161 doctors), infectious disease specialists, therapists and pediatricians (3,700) working in hospitals.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that the list of hospitals would be expanded as needed.

Patients who experience COVID-19 symptoms cannot consult these healthcare facilities on their own. This can endanger their health.



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