Three Russian citizens have sought asylum in Ukraine due to persecution

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Russian citizens are being persecuted in Russia as of participation in protest actions, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports.

Over the last week, at the state border, three Russian citizens of 45, 38, and 27 years old requested refugee status from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine due to the fact, that they were persecuted in the Russian Federation.
One of them arrived to the checkpoint “Kyiv-Passenger” and, at the time of registration, applied for in oral declaration that he is a refugee or a person in need of additional protection. According to the Russian, he participated in rallies against corruption and for the Russian opposition, in particular Oleksiy Navvalny, and therefore is subject to persecution in the Russian Federation.
Another citizen of Russia, also at this checkpoint, asked for refugee status. The Russian said that he was forced to flee and seek asylum in Ukraine in connection with his persecution by Russian law enforcement agencies for taking part in actions against the Russian authorities.
Finally, one more Russian citizen asked for protection in connection with his persecution by the Russian Federation at a checkpoint in Chernihiv region.
Employees of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine explained to these Russian citizens the procedure for applying for protection in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and sent them to the State Migration Service of Ukraine.


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